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Bearded Leeks Book Club
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(Bearded Leeks Book Club)

That's right! The Bearded Leeks are starting a book club! And we're inviting YOU, wherever you are, whoever you are to join in the fun!

IThis club shouldn't cost you a thing (unless getting a borrowing card at your library costs money - which is just wrong!!), and will work like this:

Every second Friday (Or Thursday, or Saturday, depending where you are in the world!), the title and author of a new book that we request you read will be posted. By the next Friday fortnight, we want you to have read that book, and post on here your comments on the book. These thoughts and comments will be read out at our fortnightly meeting. During these fortnightly meetings, we plan to discuss the book we have just read, and then at the end of the meeting, have the new books assigned. Whoever picks the books changes every fornight, which means we're likely to be reading a wide variety of books.

If you want more information, I ask that you email Binni (ladysilverangel) at sparkling_silver_angel_wings@hotmail.com, or comment and she'll email you the information on both the local club and also what YOU can do!

Oh, and we just might tell you about the story about the name "Bearded Leeks". However, we really only want e-mails from people are really serious about reading the books that we pick and sending us your thoughts and comments, no matter how bad or good they are.

So get joining!

Oh, and the club mascot is a juice carton. His name is Milton. Want to know more? Ask ladysilverangel