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Bearded Leeks Book Club!

September 17th, 2006

(no subject) @ 01:08 pm

Presenting the notes from the BLBC meeting on Friday...

The meeting was held at Roesha's house (forbiddenmusic) and was great fun for all. The food was delicious, and we celebrated Caroline's birthday last Sunday with a caramel mud cake! Yay for cake!

See below for pics of the happenings!

First of all, we discussed the book Labyrinth, followed up by the book that I forgot to post about on here, called Odd One Put, before receiving our next book and information on the next meeting. Roles have also been assigned, which will be added later!

Warning: Thoughts will contain spoilers, for anyone who hasn't read the book yet but intends to

Thoughts on "Labyrinth" by Kate Mosse!

The other book that we had to read but I never mentioned on here was "Odd One Out" by Monica McInerney.

As hostess' privledge, Roesha presented us with the next book for reading which is

The Crooked Letter by Sean Williams

Now for the photos!!

The next meeting will be held on 29th of this month by Alyson, and held in Melbourne. Contact Alyson for more details!!

September 13th, 2006

(no subject) @ 01:11 pm

It may not be book club related.... but... I just can't help it. And as moderator of this community, I'm allowed to break my own rules, lol.

After the massive success of the great "Funny Cats" video that went around emails last year... I present to you

Cats acting funny!!

Bloody hysterical.

September 8th, 2006

(no subject) @ 02:41 pm

Ok, all is going well so far with the book club. We have had our first meeting and are now coming up to our second which is to be the first full run meeting.
The details are:
To be held on the 15th September

At 6.30pm

forbiddenmusic's place

Order in which the meeting is intended to run is:

Tea (something nice to munch on before we get to the hard stuff!)
Discussion of BL Annual Christmas get-2-gether (we had to put it here somewhere, best to go first!)
Discuss Labyrinth (that includes all the responses from our international friends, we love you guys!)
Info on author for the fortnight and reviews both good and bad in response to the book (hopefully all this'll be posted later for all you internationals to read and not forgetting those who wish to know 'What goes on')
Presents (Oh I do love a good surprise!)
And that is almost the conclusion, but first new additions to the BLBC (hopefully these'll help us run the club)
Then --> That's All Folks!

So all going well it's to be an awesome and action-packed first full-run meeting.
Any queries don't hesitate to contact ladysilverangel or another member

Roe J a.k.a forbiddenmusic

September 5th, 2006

Website @ 12:59 pm

Current Location: MacLab

News from Rhiannon via Kathryn :-P

For more information on the book for this fortnight (Labyrinth by Kate Mosse), head on over to:


September 2nd, 2006

(no subject) @ 10:15 pm

The first real meeting of the Bearded Leeks Book Club has occurred!!

...unfortunately, I can't comment on it, as I was not in attendance. Either were many people, which is a bugger.

If it's any consolation, I've organised to finish work at 6pm from this Friday on wards!!

Anyway, the title of the book to read BEFORE Friday 15th of September, is "Labryinth", by Kate Mosse. Please read it, and have your comments in preferably by you Thursday night, due to time differences. That way I can take them to the meeting.

Hopefully someone will be able to report on the meeting that just passed!

August 29th, 2006

August 20th, 2006

(no subject) @ 05:10 pm

Yay!! The first Bearded Leeks Book Club meeting!!

During this first meeting, we talked about what we'd be doing and how we'd be operating the club. Obviously, since we're going to be including all of our internet friends, we have to versions of operation.

The Local Way: For those who attend the actual meetings, this club is going to be costing money. $20 a fortnight in fact. But this fornightly fee is for a reason! In the local branch of the club, we'll actually be buying the books and getting a meal at the meetings. Meetings are going to be held on a rotating system, for which we've organised a roster which I'll post at the bottom of this post.

The choosing of the books will be done by the person who is hosting the *next* meeting. For example, Rhiannon (crobdearg) is hosting the next meeting. So she collects the money that was brought to this meeting, and with that she goes and finds X amount of the book that she's chosen for us to read. At the meeting that she's hosting, she gives out these books, and puts the change from the buying into a tin that will go towards either the Christmas party or a night out. At the next meeting after hers, we'll discuss the book we've just read before recieving the new one. Sound good?

The International Way: Here's how we're going to do it for all you people out there who want in on it too! Join up to this community, and after every meeting, I'll post the title of the book that we're going to be reading. You're job is to somehow locate that book (local library?) and read it. Then, before the next meeting, you write up your thoughts of the book and either post them on here or email them to me,
ladysilverangel who will print them out and take them along to the meeting.

Along with the title and author of the next book, I'll also post a summary of the meeting and our thoughts on the book, as well as what we ended up having for dinner and a few photos so that you can get to see the Bearded Leeks in action...

... much like these photos...


Welcome! @ 05:02 pm

(Bearded Leeks Book Club)

That's right! The Bearded Leeks are starting a book club! And we're inviting YOU, wherever you are, whoever you are to join in the fun!

IThis club shouldn't cost you a thing (unless getting a borrowing card at your library costs money - which is just wrong!!), and will work like this:

Every second Friday (Or Thursday, or Saturday, depending where you are in the world!), the title and author of a new book that we request you read will be posted. By the next Friday fortnight, we want you to have read that book, and post on here your comments on the book. These thoughts and comments will be read out at our fortnightly meeting. During these fortnightly meetings, we plan to discuss the book we have just read, and then at the end of the meeting, have the new books assigned. Whoever picks the books changes every fornight, which means we're likely to be reading a wide variety of books.

If you want more information, I ask that you email Binni (ladysilverangel) at sparkling_silver_angel_wings@hotmail.com, or comment and she'll email you the information on both the local club and also what YOU can do!

Oh, and we just might tell you about the story about the name "Bearded Leeks". However, we really only want e-mails from people are really serious about reading the books that we pick and sending us your thoughts and comments, no matter how bad or good they are.

So get joining!

Oh, and the club mascot is a juice carton. His name is Milton. Want to know more? Ask ladysilverangel

Bearded Leeks Book Club!