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Bearded Leeks Book Club!

October 2nd, 2006

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Presenting the notes from this weeks Bearded Leeks Book Club meeting!!

This meeting was hosted by Alyson and took place in Melbourne, which meant that attendance was lower, with only five of us being there, but we still had fun none the less! The train ride was fun, though I think Alyson was a little embarrassed by us when we reached Melbourne and went on the met train, getting excited by this, that and everything else.

Also, due to time constraints and travel organisation, the meeting occured over a delicious lunch with members checking in with their thoughts of the phone. We're yet to hear from anyone overseas, but it would be great if someone read the book, LOL!

Anyway, thoughts on the book we read last week...

The Crooked Letter by Sean Williams

While we all read it, none of us finished it, most of us making half way through at best. From what we could gather, there was an overall liking, but semi-confusion.

  • Kathryn (who spoke once she'd finished her biscuit) found the book very hard to get into. She didn't find it enthralling, although she did like Hadrian's flashbaks, and thought that the jinx thing was funny. She found that Seth's world had bad descriptions and analogies, leading her to not quite understanding what was going on and thus missing chunks of the action. That and she couldn't get past the zig... something. It featured good interweaving, and was very, very, very, very deep. To read it she found that general knowledge was needed, but it was good for passing the time.
  • Alyson is liking the book so far! She found the start to be very confusing until the part where they seem to explain everything. She thought that the mirror twin idea was great, very wonderful, and very, very different. It's a very deep book, and you have to concentrate on it to really read it.
  • Roesha was a bit worried when she started reading it, and was glad that they explain things as you go along, however some things just aren't explained. Some really good ideas, such as the part with the boat, and again the concept of the mirror twins. However, while reading, she could only see Yod as a big black triangle.
  • Rhiannon, who after being unable to send us the video she made, called in with her report. She thanked Roe for picking the book because she loves it!! But, she said that the start was a bit tedious, and she was getting really pissed off with the going back and forth between the characters/worlds. However, the book is still really good, and features fomr good language.
  • Belinda is not very far into the book, and is really confused. She's finding that while she isn't far and doesn't know what's going on, she's let the cover of the book lead her and was really dissapointed to open it and find it not directly set in a fantasy world, but in fact in Europe. It was difficult to wrap her head around that, even though she knows she'll get there. Again, thought the mirror twins idea was fantastic, but quite creepy and had an odd nightmare about it last night...
  • Samantha is finding this book one that she can pick up and read at any time from any place that she's at. To her, the book is not at all confusing, but utterly fascinating with the concept behind it regarding the religions - that all are right to a point and none are singled out. She loves the afterlife. But the part she keeps going on about was the fact that to get rid of the human population, the story involves everyone turning into cannibals and eating each other!
  • Caroline posted her thoughts on the post from the last meeting, which can be found here. She found that the book was hard to get into, and she could understand more parts better then others. Liked the rememberance of the holiday before Seth's death. Gave it a 5 out of 10
  • Miranda checked in by phone but was too distracted by her new bike to give much of a report, other than the fact that she liked the book and the idea of the mirror twins. Don't know if she's finished it yet, am waiting for more.
  • Anthony also checked in by phone, saying that it's an interesting concept of the afterlife, and he likes
Thanks to everyone for at least reporting something!!

This weeks book was also unveiled at the meeting, and it appears that we will be reading:

On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta

(anyone who doesn't have their copy of this book should contact Alyson ASAP)

Now for the photos!!!

Sam and Kitty enjoying the train ride down, though I don't know what was so interesting over there

Arriving at the station, which was so much easier then I thought it would be!

Discussing the meeting over lunch.

A part of lunch! The carrots were delicious

Making plans!

Toby, just cause he's so cute!!

Also, while in Melbourne, an interesting idea was coined and developed, something that's going to be so much fun!! But that will be discussed at the next meeting, which is to be held on the 13th of October (Friday the 13th!) at Caroline's house :-)

The meeting on the 27th of October which is meant to be hosted by Miranda has now been taken over by Samantha and will be happening at Belinda's house.
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Bearded Leeks Book Club!